Travel blogger couple Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris split

They were a couple who had everything on the surface.

A $ 1.2 million Balinese mansion that flies worldwide and earns a six figure salary for sharing their jealous lifestyle on social media.

But for the world-famous travel blogger Jack Morris (30) and the 28-year-old Australian friend Lauren Bullen one thing was missing in their lives.


In separate posts uploaded to Instagram late Tuesday night, Manchester-born Morris and Ms. Bullen announced that they had silently split in March.

The couple, who collectively have nearly five million fans on social media, grew in popularity on Instagram by sharing photos and videos of their worldwide adventures around the world.

In the summer of 2018, the two decided to buy their dream home in Bali, but after failing to find the right home, they built their own Insta-worthy pad for a whopping $ 1.2 million.

But less than two years later, Ms. Bullen said the couple had made the “hardest” decision of their young lives.

“It’s really hard for me to find words to describe this post. and a post that I really never thought I would do, ”wrote Ms. Bullen alongside several photos of the couple together.

“But life happened and Jack and I broke up last month.

“This was definitely the hardest decision I have ever made. Unfortunately, we let our relationship disappear among us last year. “

Ms. Bullen said that while “from the outside it looked like we had everything one could ask for,” one thing was missing from their relationship.

“One thing was missing,” she wrote.

“Something more important than anything else, luck.”

Ms. Bullen praised her now ex-partner and said he was “the best” to get into her life.

“We had an instant and inseparable bond,” she wrote.

“I am so proud of everything we have achieved together.

“You pushed me to work harder and dream bigger and I have always been so excited about your dedication and determination to be successful.”

Ms. Bullen said the last few weeks after making the decision about their future together had been difficult as the couple spent time sitting together and crying.

“We remembered the last 5 years of love, adventure, and fun together which brought us both so much completion and understanding of why we couldn’t make it any longer as a couple,” she wrote, noting that Couple “still such good friends” and will continue to work as business partners.

Repeating Ms. Bullen’s contribution, Mr Morris wrote that the decision to end their relationship was “difficult” for both of them, but “a decision that we know is best”.

“I’ve had by far the best years of my life with this girl and I will keep those memories forever,” he wrote.

“It’s pretty rare to find someone you click with right away, who you share the same dreams with, and then are lucky enough to take on the world together.”

“Who knows where this next chapter will take us, wherever it goes, I will always be so grateful for the years we have spent together and for our friendship that we will continue to share,” he added.

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