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What is it like to travel during the coronavirus pandemic? Many of our guests have given us their feedback on their trip over the past few months. Here is one of the first hand reports we have received from our guests who traveled Europe with Enchanting this summer.

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Author: Julia Radtke

It was not her first Enchanting Travels trip: Mrs. Brennhäußer and Mr. Schmidt from Nuremberg had explored Africa, Asia and South America with us over the past few years. In 2020, long-distance summer travel proved impossible, but they weren’t ready to give up on their travel dreams. Although they had previously traveled extensively in Europe, they came to us looking for the same high quality experiences they had enjoyed on their previous enchanting trips: a personalized itinerary full of hidden gems and the security of a personal concierge on-site 24/7 .

We let Mrs. Brennhäußer tell us how she enjoyed her trips to Greece and Portugal!

“As always, we were very satisfied with everything! Perfect organization, excellent hotels, competent tour guides and chauffeurs as well as very comfortable vehicles. Our long-distance trips were so perfectly organized that we could assume that this would also be the case in Europe.

My husband and I are not fans of classic city tours, which is why we always work with our travel advisors to plan special activities through which we can get to know the places even more intensively. We particularly enjoy cooking classes and culinary tours, because the way to a person’s heart – even when it comes to unknown regions – is through the stomach!

As passionate gourmets, we try the hearty cakes in Galaxidi and the cooking class in Porto, accompanied by fantastic Portuguese wine. A special highlight of our trip was the hike to the impressive Meteora monasteries north of Athens.

I am glad I booked our trip with Enchanting Travels as traveling with them always includes personalized and diverse experiences that are hard to come by, such as the tile painting excursion in Porto and our food tours.

Expert tip:
As a tip for anyone who has reservations for booking a trip, I would say: beautiful cities and hotspots like Athens, Porto, Meteora and Lisbon are currently almost empty of tourists. There is no crowding in the streets and you don’t have to wait long in line. Hotels have very few guests and this is especially noticeable in larger establishments where you can find plenty of empty poolside sun loungers and a lot more quiet than usual.

It was a relief to see that the coronavirus-related restrictions in Greece and Portugal were the same as in Germany. In these countries, too, masks in closed rooms are mandatory and a minimum distance between people must be maintained at all times. We always had to wear our masks on the plane, except when eating and drinking – especially on short flights within Europe where this is easy to do. While a breakfast buffet was offered in our hotels, the portions were prepared in advance and kept on individual plates and always served covered with foil.

We didn’t think the limitations hindered our experience in any way.

We are very happy that we made these two trips in August and didn’t stay home. With Enchanting Travels by our side and our personal concierge, we have always felt safe and in good hands – something that is indispensable in the current circumstances. So we made the best of the situation and created unforgettable travel memories. “

You can find more information about the current travel conditions on our Coronavirus resource page.

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