Thomas King is glad to let his characters do the travelling lately

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“I think my favorite line in the book is when Mimi says, ‘I love you, bird, but sometimes you wear me down.’ I think there is this possibility in relationships like this. You just wear a person down, ”King said, reflecting on Bird’s tendency to whip and endure his“ demons ”.

Indians on Vacation is a hilarious, humorous, eye catching story that ponders the meaning of the story from the smallest personal connections to the politics of the bigger picture.

The book will be at the forefront of a discussion King will have with colleague and journalist Waubgeshig Rice about Zoom when the couple attends a virtual Vancouver Writers Festival (VWF) event on October 24th (6pm). The festival runs online from October 19-25.

In the novel Bird, the narrator tells us: “Travel allows us to gather new adventures and collect new stories to share with family and friends. The problem is, travel stories are only interesting when something unpleasant happens, when problems arise, when a disaster is survived. “

Bird adds, “The first expectation in a good travel story is that something will go wrong. Nobody wants to hear about the uneventful time you spent in Istanbul. Not even you. Try harder next time. “

King laughs a little when he is reminded of his words.

“It’s true, good travel stories are boring because nothing happens,” he says. “The great travel stories are when you are struck by small disasters.”

King says he’s always on the lookout for stories like this. The kind of stories that are floating around and if you are careful you can write them down and save them for later. Save them for a new job.

King is currently working at home on his sixth novel in the Dreadful Water Mystery series.

“The plot is killing me,” said King, who admits that character creation is his favorite part of the process. “I started writing mysteries because I needed a way to clear my mind between literary novels. I like mysteries. When I go to read, I generally read secrets because they are easy to get on and off. “

He also has another novel due out in spring 2021.

The new literary work called Sufferance is one that King really likes and that he’s been hanging around for a while.

“I keep putting it aside because I didn’t get it right. Then I take it and try again. It has probably the longest tenure of my novels and the most missteps, ”said King.

King’s work recently hit the big screen when his non-fiction book, The Inconvenient Indian, inspired filmmaker Michelle Latimer’s documentary of the same name, told by King. The film recently won numerous awards at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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