The place To Keep In Lombok: Finest Areas, Seashores & Lodges

Bali and Lombok are both great islands. Choosing the right one for you depends on what you want to experience!

Aside from the fact that they both have a town called Kuta (don’t confuse the two!) And many cultural similarities, they have a fundamentally different vibe.

Historically, all of the Indonesian islands have been separate and independent kingdoms. What brought them together today is the fact that they were all once Dutch colonies. And at the time of their independence they were united under the name “Indonesia”.

Bali and Lombok are both the same size, cost of living, and landscape filled with jungles, volcanoes, and beautiful landscapes.

A major cultural difference is that Bali is a Hindu island while Lombok is Muslim. You will hear the call to prayer five times a day – which could wake you up at night.

Balinese culture remains an essential asset in attracting tourists to the island. The locals are very open and love to share stories and anecdotes with visitors.

You will surely have the opportunity to learn about their fascinating history, religion, art and traditions.

Bali has welcomed tourists for decades and therefore has reliable infrastructures – a wide range of accommodation, western and healthy food and activities.

To such an extreme that tourism took over local culture in some places. Pollution, heavy traffic and over-urbanization are some of the consequences of mass tourism.

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