The Final Self Drive Iceland Itinerary In 7 Days

1. Most rental cars are forbidden to drive on F-roads that are higher in the mountains. F-roads are usually only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles as they are very bumpy roads.

2. In Iceland, drive on the right side of the road and the speed limit is 90 km / h and 80 km / h on gravel roads.

3. It is illegal to drive off-road in Iceland where there are no marked lanes as the ecosystem in Iceland is very fragile, especially the Icelandic moss, which takes a long time to recover. Don’t be like Justin Bieber!

4. Buying gasoline in Iceland is expensive and in remote areas gas stations are often unmanned and only accept credit cards. Make sure you have one that works. However, instructions are available in English.

5. Always keep your headlights on day and night. This is a legal requirement in Iceland.

6. You can’t just stop on the side of the road to sleep in your RV overnight. Wild camping is prohibited. People visiting Iceland must use designated campsites to park and sleep at night.

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