The Blogger Candiace Dillard Wished Dying On Has Died!

Khyle Paylor, the blogger known as The black socialists died on Wednesday November 4th, 2020 at Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland.

Candiace Dillards Request was granted to the DMV area blogger, Khyle Paylorthat she wanted death after death.

Back in August Candiace Dillard posted a video showing a cast plot designed to defeat them Real Potomac housewives Co-star, Monique Samuels – but it didn’t stop there – it attacked too Khyle Paylor.

Candiace Dillard, 33, devoted a section of her marathon video to beating the DMV blogger by shaming him fat and wishing him dead.

In the following clip from the Instagram video released in August Candiace Dillard called The black socialists an “obese piece of s ** t that must drop dead.” Then Candiace the blogger wished and said “When will YOU drop dead” and accused him of making up “rumors and lies”.

Candiace Then the DMV blogger stated, “takes a quick breath” to cover everything she or her husband says in hopes of making a quick buck. The 33-year-old put an end to her ranting by insisting that he “contribute to his obesity” with the money he makes “to spread lies about me and my cast.” can exclusively disclose this Candiace Dillards hateful remarks were not made in an angry moment – she was well aware of them Khyle Paylors Illness and knew he was on dialysis and had health problems.

Candiace’s Man, Chris Bassett, also routinely embarrassed, Khyle Paylor. And Chris Bassett made homophobic and racist slurs against the blogger.

Chris Bassett was angry with the negative press about his wife, Candiace Dillard, and would attack the bloggers DMV section in a series of damn DM messages received.

Press “Play” below to see.

Everything about the tea along with Monique Samuels and some of Khyles Friends paid tribute to the late blogger on YouTube. Press “Play” below to see.

From the staff at Everything about the teaWe offer our deepest condolences to family and friends Khyle Paylor.

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