Six-year-old Russian YouTuber named amongst world’s highest earners for second 12 months in row — RT Enterprise Information

A six-year-old girl who was born in Russia joined the list of the richest YouTube bloggers in the world and set a record for the number of views according to Forbes’ latest list of high-income YouTube stars.

Anastasia Radzinskaya, who goes by the name of Nastya on her channel, is the seventh richest blogger in the world and generated 39 billion views in 2020 – the highest number of viewers listed. Their earnings reportedly reached $ 18.5 million in the twelve months ended December.

She was born in the Russian southern city of Krasnodar and now lives with her family in Florida, USA.

‘Like Nastya’, the girl’s channel on the video platform, is run by her family and has 65.8 million subscribers – that’s also the largest number in the top 10. The videos show the likes of the girl and her father playing with Legos , Doing chores and lately explaining the coronavirus pandemic in a way other children can understand.

Forbes describes Nastya’s videos as “colorful” and “expressive”. And because they don’t offer much advanced language, they’re perfect for their global audience of trivia.

Since her debut on the list last year when Anastasia was named the third richest on the platform, the girl has branched out. It has grown in popularity on TikTok, where it is followed by three million users, and is reported to launch its licensing program next year.

Nastya’s family has 10 channels on the platform with subscribers totaling more than 190 million.

But of course, Nastya isn’t the only boy to have amassed a fortune from YouTubing. The main breadwinner is Ryan Kaji, who started his career on the platform with a series of “unboxing” videos in which the nine year old opened the packaging of new games and toys and then played with them. It generated a whopping $ 29.5 million.

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And then there’s Jimmy Donaldson, whose online alias is MrBeast. Still making an impressive $ 24 million, he has been identified as YouTube’s biggest new star. The 22-year-old publishes attention-grabbing stunts in which he works for hours. He can use his advertising proceeds to donate thousands of dollars to charity, proving that he has both a social conscience and a business acumen.

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