Our prime Irish health and diet bloggers to comply with

Because of the lockdown, home workouts are seeing a surge in popularity that they haven’t seen since the 1980s. This year we crunched, frizzled – and sweated more than ever at home. A whole new way of staying active has emerged, and staying in shape has never been easier than it is now.

Fitness bloggers and vloggers have gotten creative with the unexpected challenge of Covid restrictions in their field and have created innovative videos for exercising at home. But how do you know which one is right for you?

We are here to help you put together the best Irish fitness bloggers and our favorite videos, motivational posts, and fitness nutrition plans they created to help you get out of the post-lockdown slump!

Maebh Madden @maeve_madden

Maeve’s bubbly and motivational person fills the entire screen as she takes us on her workouts. The founder of the Queens Community has focused on educating women, helping them improve their health and body awareness, and finding a newfound love of fitness for over a decade.

The former professional dancer, bestselling author and personal trainer tells us, “My workouts are for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or ready to take on a new challenge. I’m here to help you get fitter, stronger, happier, and happier, more body conscious from home. ‘

This side is motivating, but also a center of body positivity. Keeping them very real, Maeve also posts “unposing” pictures explaining how Instagram fitness culture can be deceiving.

“You are not designed to be perfect. Your body is not a problem to be solved. Don’t let your mind bully your body! ‘

Our favorite thing about Maeve’s channel is her IGTV workout! Maeve’s workouts focus on cardio, muscle building, and strength building and are full of upbeat melodies, easy-to-follow routines, and extremely accessible fitness. Definitely one of our favorites!

Trishas Transformation @ trishas.transformation

Originally from Cork, Trisha Lewis began her transformation journey in February 2018 at 26:00. Since then, we’ve all followed her amazing and inspiring journey to fitness through its ups and downs, good days and bad.

Trisha’s honest and frank report not only documents the good moments, but also highlights the struggles on the way to the spiritual and physical journey.

“For this to work, you have to be as selfish as possible. You need to prioritize water, food, sleep, and exercise. You have to learn to say the hardest two letter word in the English language. No.’

Inspirational stories aside, the 32-year-old author, corporate wellness spokesperson, and chef has an IGTV section full of delicious and healthy recipes for all of us to try. From broccoli soup to the perfect take-away chicken curry, it has covered every taste.

Siobhan O’Hagan @ siobh.ohagan

This Irish fitness lover who lives in Bali seems like a typical influencing factor at first glance. Bikini photos on boats, pool pictures and fabulous toned arms. However, upon closer inspection, her captions are full of nuance, psychological advice, and encouragement for body positivity.

The online coach is bright and real in her IGTV videos, warning of the dangers of diet culture and how cameras can distort our ideas about ourselves and our bodies.

When she talked about Mental Health Awareness Month last October, she talked about how mental health is as important as physical health.

“I want to encourage anyone out there who is struggling to speak up. I started this page to share my fitness journey and help others do the same. But I’ve found that no matter how much you can lift, how lean you are, no matter how perfect your body looks, you have no idea what’s going on underneath … As I set out to help people with their workouts and nutrition, I realize that none of this matters if you don’t have rest. ‘

With her quick rep routines, body awareness advice, and FAB Bali imagery, this woman’s side is definitely one to watch out for.

Sarah Moloney @sarstri

Sarah’s enviable body – and how she got it – can be seen all over her food. She says she “teaches women how to change their bodies forever with zero constraints,” and that powerful, assertive demeanor is a hallmark of her work.

The Carlow native began her fitness journey in 2016 after a rocky relationship with food and her teenage body. She even received a WBFF card and participated in the world bodybuilding shows in Vegas in 2018.

On their page, which is now PT, you can find reels with detailed information on their favorite exercises to work out different areas of the body, tips and tricks to get started on your fitness journey and maintain a healthy relationship with food while you get on shape Focus on your body.

Vogue Williams @voguewilliams

Aside from their page being #lifestylegoals, Vogue Williams’ Instagram also acts as one of the more accessible fitness channels out there.

In her most recent IGTV series of online workouts, she invited guest PTs like Rosie Stockley and Dalton Wong to make training videos together and focus on different aspects of wellbeing.

When she’s not looking great and giving fun and real updates about motherhood, the quick routines and workouts she’s leading us through make us sweat and just watch her!

Ursula Walsh @ ursulawalsh_

Ursula Walsh is a trained health and nutrition trainer and mother of three children. Their colorful Instagram lifestyle page is jam-packed with great food recipes, and it’s well worth visiting on that basis alone!

Your end emphasizes the importance of proper diet regulation on your fitness journey and how harmful the nutritional culture is.

“I want to spread a positive message and show that limitations don’t work. I want to break off the diet culture and show how, with your intuition, you can eat EVERYTHING and be healthy without being hungry or depriving yourself! I want to show how we can be of any size and love ourselves equally. I was the same person before and after. And loved me in both phases. I would also like to point out that you can be healthy at any size. Size is not a reflection of a healthy body! ‘

For great, healthy dinner ideas, follow her! Your meal preparation will never be the same again!

Rozanna Purcell @ rozannapurcell

The Tipperary blogger has been a fitness blogger for years, showing people how to get fit at home before it’s cool – and Covid is necessary. Her lifestyle shares with her body and is quickly focused on her body.

Amid her fashion, beauty, and travel blogging, the main theme is activity. Whether she’s hiking in Glendalough, or the MacGillyCuddy stinks, or posting news about body positivity, Rozanna is always on the go.

“Sometimes I wish there was someone I looked up to in my early twenties who told me these things, and maybe I wouldn’t have wasted years trying to be a smaller version, a number, and an idea of ​​flawlessness that probably was never really real? Which was very time consuming and a lot of shit! ‘

Her IGTV recipes and workouts make her a must have for non-toxic fitspiration!

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