One household swapped their comfy suburban house for a 17.5- foot caravan and an journey of a lifetime

DEWSBURY, UK, Nov 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The places she loved in her childhood quickly disappeared and only exist in Phoebe Wilby’s memory. She didn’t want her memories of the glorious year they traveled Australia to fade, so she was inspired to write everything in “Always One Step Before the Storm: An 8 Year Old’s Down Under Adventure” (published by) to write down Xlibris UK).

With cyclones Wanda and Tracy as bookends, the O’Briens swap their comfy Brisbane suburban home for a 17.5-foot trailer and the adventures of a lifetime. In this book, readers are invited to travel with Wilby, her mother Stephanie, and the rest of her family as she takes them on her voyage through Western New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and The Nullarbor Plain to Western Australia and then back home and up the Queensland coast.

“This book proves that adventure is possible anywhere and with anyone. It’s a gripping story that is told in retrospect through the eyes of an 8-year-old when you 53-year-old looks back. It also shows that the journey is more important even if the destination isn’t reached, ”says Wilby.

“Always One Step Ahead of the Storm: An 8 Year Old’s Down Under Adventure” is a combination of memory and historical fact – a bit of research to spice up memories – with the added spice of an adult’s thoughts and memories. “It’s a road trip of a kind. I hope that through this book readers will discover the joy of traveling, seeing new things, and the idea that anyone can do it,” concludes Wilby. You can find more information about the book at

“Always one step ahead of the storm: Down Under Adventure for an 8-year-old”

By Phoebe Wilby

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781664112766

E-book | 126 pages | ISBN 9781664112759

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Phoebe Wilby, originally from Australia, now lives in West Yorkshire with her husband Eoghan and two of their five children. She has always loved the written word. She reads everything from cereal packets to historical romances to science fiction and fantasy and pretty much everything in between. She discovered Tolkien in her early twenties and recently read (a couple of times) JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series and Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series. She even went through a criminal phase reading Nora Roberts, Patricia Cornwell and John Grisham, as well as a horse racing phase with Dick Francis. She has a couple of novels in various stages of completion.

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