Low-cost Christmas journey concepts: The most cost effective day of the week to book flights and motels

For many Aussies, Christmas started early. State borders are opening and airlines are adding new routes, giving many the gift of travel.

While this is great news, it is clear that Christmas will also be a financial challenge for many, with far less cash in the vacation budget for things like flights and hotels.

Fortunately, Expedia has released its Trend Report 2021 which highlights the cheapest, most expensive times to book travel and offers the opportunity to save hundreds on domestic flights and accommodations.

As anyone who travels during the summer vacation knows, prices go up during peak periods. If you left your booking until the last minute, you will likely pay more than if you booked months ago.

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“In order to achieve a lot, it is still important to know when to book and when to take off to save money,” the report said.

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The cheapest day to book flights

According to Expedia data, based on round-trip flight prices in 2019-2020, travelers can save up to 20 percent on their flights by simply booking on a Sunday.

“Previous data shows that booking on a Sunday rather than a Friday for both domestic and international flights could save travelers around 25% on domestic flights and nearly 15% on international flights,” the report said.

For domestic flights, Thursday is the cheapest day of departure, followed by Tuesday or Thursday for international travel.

In addition, travelers can save up to 20 percent on domestic and international flights if they do not depart on a Sunday.

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The cheapest day to book hotels

While most Aussies tend to book their getaways over the weekend, staying in a hotel on a Monday instantly saves travelers nearly 15 percent compared to staying on the most expensive day of the week – which is (surprise, surprise) Saturday.

Expedia’s results were based on the demand for accommodations and prices on their website throughout 2020.

Unfortunately, those looking to book another vacation this summer may pay more than the same time last year.

“Given the trends in accommodation, prices rose between March and April when most of Australia was under lockdown,” the report explains.

With the loosening of boundaries and restrictions, prices began to normalize as the appetite for travel increased, but then rose again as interest grew.

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“Looking ahead, as demand continues to grow and supply is limited, prices could remain higher compared to last year,” warns the report.

The travel platform recommended booking their trip on Monday instead of Saturday.

“For domestic holidays, the lowest average daily rate (ADR) for accommodation typically occurs on a Monday, which Aussies could save nearly 15% instead of staying on the most expensive day, which is Saturday.”

According to the report, anyone who books future trips overseas should check the booking between Sunday and Tuesday at the best possible price.

“For international travel, the cheapest days are between Sunday and Tuesday, when travelers can save almost 10% compared to staying on Saturday, which usually has the highest ADR.”

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