Kate Bosworth Reveals One Of Her Favourite Locations In The World

Kate Bosworth.

Kate Bosworth

When the pandemic broke out, Kate Bosworth continued to look for ways to stay busy. She started KIND.EST, a lifestyle website that aims to be “the place where it’s cool to be kind”. There, Bosworth shares personal stories, beauty advice, recipes, and more.

Like the rest of us, she learned to get the most out of COVID custody, particularly a Zoom reunion with Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake, her co-stars from the Hawaiian set, Blue Crush. The powerful female surfer movie that cast Bosworth in her breakout role is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year. And recently, The Devil Has a Name came out in theaters and on demand. Based on a true story, the anti-pollution drama directed by Edward James Olmos features Bosworth as a vicious oil manager.

In between her projects, we spoke to Bosworth for tips on how to travel with a dog (her French spaniel Happy is a constant companion), to see what she is working on next (a series), and to get the information about her Favorite destination to get (hint): it’s not far from home).

Why is friendliness at the center of KIND.EST?

This is an online area that I have been designing for a while. I wanted to create an authentic corner of the internet – a hand made goal, born from my desire to connect more deeply, explore further, smile more, be curious – through honesty and kindness. I believe love and kindness are the most enduring and critical aspects for humanity.

What are some of your favorite travel destinations?

I’m currently in Montana – we live here part of the year – and it’s one of my favorite places on earth. I loved traveling to the Maldives, Morocco, Australia. Europe, of course.

Dog and wife

Bosworth and her dog Happy.

Kate Bosworth

Do you often travel with Happy?

Yes! He’s with us in Montana now. He and I drove alone from Los Angeles to meet my husband here. It was so cute to be out and about all the time, just the two of us.

What are your tips for traveling with a dog?

On road trips, I’ll make sure I pack a small bag that is convenient to get to and holds his favorite food, bowls, and goodies. He is a very good traveler. On our trip last week, I packed his favorite, Sundays for Dogs. It’s honestly best for travel as it is human-grade air-dried, ready-to-eat dog food made from natural ingredients. So it stays fresh and doesn’t have to be refrigerated.

What Are Some Great Dog Friendly Destinations?

The hardest place I have traveled to and brought a pet from the US was to Sydney, Australia. My dog ​​had to be in quarantine for about four weeks. That was super tough, but I was planning on living there for a year so I knew it would be worth it in the end.


The Rock Creek Ranch is one of Bosworth’s favorite spots.

The ranch on Rock Creek

They married and made repeated visits in 2013 at the Rock Creek Ranch, a five-star Forbes Travel Guide ranch, including an anniversary trip in September. What makes it a special place for you?

The Rock Creek Ranch is one of my all-time favorite places on the planet. The property is spectacular – a blue ribbon river for fly fishing, lovely horses to ride – we went on a four hour picnic lunch trip which was magical for our anniversary. The food comes from the Montanian region and is divine.

Most importantly, the management is friendly and thoughtful. Every detail is cared for and personalized. It’s more than special.

What are other favorite hotels?

Dear Locanda Cipriani in Venice, Italy. The Greenwich in NYC. The Amanera Hotel in the Dominican Republic is magical and wild and one of my favorites.

What’s on your post-pandemic travel basket list?

Indonesia, Thailand, India, Mauritius. These are all far-flung places that I’ve never come to. They feel like trips that I have to visit and record in real time.


Mauritius is one of the destinations that Bosworth wants to visit.


I know you are an avid reader. Did you recently read something that you loved or inspired?

Speaking of India! Shantaram is the book on my bedside table, and it’s so epic and brilliant that I literally enjoy every chapter knowing that when this one comes to an end, my heart will be broken. Every word is breathtaking. I enjoy every last one.

The devil has a name that was dropped this month. What are you still working on?

Excited About Devil Has A Name! This is a very special project with incredible artists: Eddie Olmos, David Strathairn, Alfred Molina. I mean it’s the dream to learn and play with these players.

I am currently working with my husband, Michael Polish, on a project he wrote about COVID Lockdown and is directing, called Bring on the Dancing Horses. It’s the ultimate female manifesto.

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