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Traveling with diabetes

A Kamloops man shares his newly published book with diabetics everywhere – just in time for World Diabetes Day (November 14th).

It’s called “Needle Me: Tales of an Injecting Diabetic”.

John De Luca has been a diabetic since childhood. As an adult, he traveled to four different continents for over 10 years. The book shares his experience with diabetes abroad.

De Lucas’ whimsical journey involves some intense but important decisions.

“I ended up in West Africa, in Ghana, with about four or 500 needles in my backpack and had to smuggle them into the country,” he explains to Castanet. “You know, when the needles go away, you have problems because you can’t give insulin and it’s a constant battle.”

According to Diabetes Canada, high blood sugar and low blood sugar can lead to emergencies if left untreated, which could put a traveling diabetic at risk. Even so, it didn’t stop De Luca from finding a way to travel the world, even if it got him into strange situations.

“Somebody opens the door to the washroom and I inject insulin,” he recalls. “In many different languages ​​and you don’t know what they are yelling at you until you hear the word ‘heroin’ and find that they think you are a drug user.”

You can download a copy of Needle Me here.

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