Journey book supplies new Siem Reap expertise by way of inventive eyes

The result of conversations between artists, a new travel book has been published that offers enthusiastic tourists with talented designers a special insight into the city of Siem Reap, the land of the former Khmer Empire.

The first design-focused travel publication on Siem Reap, titled Siem Reap: A Designer’s Perspective, was released last week by Urbanland, an award-winning Cambodian real estate developer. It’s a collaboration between architect Hok Kang, founder and CEO of Urbanland, and Nataly Lee, a Cambodia-based designer, photographer and stylist. Both strive to bring Cambodian art to the world and are committed to the creative community in Cambodia.

The book aims to promote the Siem Reap riverside. Delivered

“The idea for this book came from many conversations I had with my good friend and colleague Lee,” says Hok. “We share a great passion and admiration for Siem Reap and keep discussing how we can do our little bit to bring the best of this amazing city to the world.”

“Hok and I felt the need to put Siem Reap on the map in terms of art and design, and show the world that Cambodia is more than just temples and the battlefields,” adds Lee.

“This book is an intimate insider’s view, not just of the usual tourist spots, but of real people and authentic brands that make up the city. It’s beautifully printed and designed, and the writing is deliberate and poetic, ”she says.

Pages with artistic photographs of Siem Reap. Delivered

Divided into four sections – Accommodation, Food and Drink, Art and Design, and Exploration – Siem Reap: A Designer’s Perspective shows the attractions of the city in a wonderful way, showing over 200 breathtaking images of the rivers, temples, pagodas as well as poetic essays about Siem Reap and Harvest his people. It also includes illustrations by Lylean Lee and a gorgeous illustrated map of the temples, pagodas, and other city landmarks by designer Monnyreak Ket. It is printed on high quality paper – a remarkable collaboration between the UK art scene.

According to Hok, part of Urbanland’s bigger vision for the city is to turn the Siem Reap riverside into a vibrant, creative neighborhood for tourists and locals in the future. He believes Siem Reap has endless opportunities to attract tourists from all parts of the world, including the magnificent Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Southeast Asia.

“Siem Reap wouldn’t be such an inspiring city without this river – so we have to protect it,” says Hok.

“When you’re driving or walking along this tree-lined river and there’s a cool breeze in the air, there is nothing more magical. My dream is to turn the river into a green, clean common space with public art installations and pop-up galleries, ”he adds.

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