Journey book overview: Past Potential — One Soldier, Fourteen Peaks by Nimsdai Purja | Times2

In 2018 Nimsdai Purja – Nims for short – achieved what most thought was impossible. He climbed 14 mountains more than 8,000 m high in six months and six days for what he called Project Possible. On the way he saved the lives of several ailing climbers, captured the now famous image of the snake to the Everest summit, and put climate change and the Nepalese climbing community in the spotlight. That year, although we were all mostly grounded, he wrote about how he did it – and why.

The former is due to his physical, mental and relentlessly positive attitude. The latter is more complicated. It feels like Purja has something to prove.

Grew up as a child in Chitwan (the lowlands of Nepal),

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