Journey book evaluate: Information from Tartary, by Peter Fleming | Journey

P.The opular culture is peppered with stories of clumsy Brits getting into scrapes abroad. But decades before Michael Palin set out in his Boy’s Own parody Ripping Yarns “with the frog across the Andes”, Peter Fleming – the big brother of James Bond author Ian – made his way from Beijing, as Beijing was called at the time , to India.

His resulting book News from Tartary has since been hailed / accused of cementing the literary template for the amateur Albion adventurer, paving the way for the selfless, accessible style of travel writing adopted by everyone from Eric Newby to Geoff Dyer.

When the 28-year-old Fleming and the Swiss adventurer Ella Maillart started their seven-month hike to the Tartary region in 1935 – as he writes

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