Journey Blogger Ciara Johnson Will Preserve Your Wanderlust Goals Alive RN

There are tons of influencers out there whose adventures will make you drop everything and head to the airport before you can double tap the photo. But if you want achievable adventure, the hack packing, and the hot tea that goals are dubbed and invested in for, you want to follow someone you can trust. Former Elite Daily author and travel blogger Ciara Johnson not only has a lively Instagram with photos and chic outfits that are worth wanderlust, but she also describes herself as “Reg Girl” [people] How to Travel. ”

Whether she’s giving her followers the information about toiletries, how nervous she was talking about budget travel at a conference, or greeting all of us hopeful travelers with a packed suitcase waiting and waiting, Johnson’s fans love her ability to do it anytime keep real. And while she’s not traveling, Johnson used that downtime to keep her travel blog alive.

I spoke to her through Elite Daily’s How I Take Care articles on how to satisfy her wanderlust from home and keep her IG feed fresh during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here she is currently under quarantine: Houston, Texas with her family

Your favorite photo editing apps: Lightroom and Tezza App

Your star sign: She is a “really loyal one [and] goal-oriented “Capricorn

The local restaurant she can’t wait for: Chick-fil-a

Your go-to account at IG for Travel Inspo: Asiyami gold

The first place she goes when she can: “Mexico, because it’s a two-hour flight, it’s a cheap flight and I can get to the beach very quickly.”

Three countries that you can hardly wait: Greece, southern France and Turkey

She keeps her feed fresh.

I have included various resources for my favorite travel books and my favorite travel tv shows [and] Movies [on my Instagram]. I’ve done podcasts and now I make songs and playlists that people can listen to while they are being quarantined to help them mentally escape.

She goes to places – with music.

I have a lot of playlists inspired by travel, with international artists, songs about exploring or hiking, [and] Things like this. And actually, strangely enough, I just made one for my blog. I watch a lot of Netflix shows and movies in Spanish [and also] international films.

Ciara Johnson

Your most memorable trip is total vibes, so grab your mood board.

I did an 80 day trip around the world with Airbnb last year, it was very cool. We went on a safari in Kenya; We have been to 18 different countries.

She is just as nervous as you are.

I [miss the] Freedom to come and [go]and explore; [just to go] as i like it. Not even necessarily the freedom to travel. That too, but also just the freedom to know whether I want to go to a café, I can. [If] I’ll go train with people I can. So just this freedom.

Travel bloggers also need a break.

That time taught me that I really needed a bit of silence and that I appreciate simplicity because I’ve been traveling for three years. You’re just moving so fast and you don’t really have the time to slow down and do these things normally. It was really nice just enjoying simple pleasures.

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