Inexperienced Ghost journeys make for good break from journey into winter

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In short, the trip was a direct shot down the west coast of British Columbia, stopping in San Diego and San Francisco before moving to Mexico, where they hung around for a few months before ushering in the New Year and then heading across the Pacific to French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and many beautiful places that shape this part of the world.

Jennifer Smith with a nurse shark in Warderick Wells Cay in the Bahamas. Photo by Alex Nikolajevich /.jpg

When the couple set off on their adventure, it was not Smith’s goal to write this book. She had been a journalist in the past and turned to writing as a way of dealing with difficult questions and situations in her life.

“I was trying to process whether we did the right thing and I wanted to tell my family the story that just happened the first week,” said Smith. “I wrote a fairly long email home detailing the first week at sea. My mother jokingly wrote back in an email: “Well, honey, I have Chapter 1 of your book, when is Chapter 2 coming?” ”

From then on, Smith added chapters and numbers to their subject lines in their long emails. Family and friends started sharing the emails, and when they got to New Zealand they had 100 people on their email list who wanted more chapters.

After being ashore for 18 months, Smith decided to write a book. She introduced the story to a publisher and entered a non-fiction competition organized by Pottersfield Press in Halifax. She won the competition and was published in turn.

“I had a non-traditional experience there. I didn’t knock on 100 doors. I knocked on two doors and the second door said, “Yes, we are going to publish your book,” said Smith.

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