India’s now prolonged to 15 nations journey bubble

India has now signed the travel bubble for two more countries, allowing Indians to travel to two more locations. Following the new update, Bhutan and Kenya have agreed to form a travel bubble. All commercial flights for all three nations are operated by national airlines to facilitate travel to people.

Indians have been able to travel to 13 locations so far and with these additional 2 countries they can now operate special international passenger flights with arrangements. Together with Bhutan and Kenya, Indians can now travel to Bahrain, Afghanistan, France, Canada, Iraq, Germany, Japan, the Maldives, Qatar, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain and the USA. The two countries have agreed on a bilateral travel bubble, which means that both countries can operate international flights under certain restrictions.

The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation has referred to these agreements as transport bubbles. These are temporary agreements between these two countries to restore commercial passenger traffic if international airlines are suspended due to Covid-19.

Regarding the additional two new countries agreeing on a travel bubble, Hardeep Singh Puri said he should reach out to stranded Indians. In order to further improve bilateral international air connectivity, Air Bubble agreements are now in place with Kenya and Bhutan. Indian airlines can fly to these countries. Airlines from these countries can fly to India.

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