“Fringe of the Map” is equal components climbing historical past, love story and riveting thriller

The extraordinary life of Christine Boskoff.

SEATTLE – A dramatic and inspiring adventure story based on the life of pioneering mountaineer Christine Boskoff. “Edge of the Map” traces Christine’s life as an altitude climber and mountain guide – from a two-day climbing course with a Lockheed Engineer Atlanta to her remarkable leadership of Seattle’s Mountain Madness Guiding Company. She was a rarity at the time – a woman who otherwise led exclusively male expeditions.

“What really fascinates me is not only the adventure of excitement and the danger of climbing, but also to go to another country and see the people,” said Boskoff.

Despite personal and professional challenges, Christine tried to find freedom and a balance with nature on the wildest peaks on earth. And in the legendary Colorado climber Fowler, she discovered her perfect partner. “Edge of the Map” captures every step of the couple’s story, culminating in their disappearance between the remote peaks of western China and a desperate search for them to take over the world.

“She is the most famous American climber of all time. She has reached a summit more than 8,000 meters than any other American woman, and that is a record that still stands today,” said author Johanna Garton.

Chris was an accomplished climber who, as a woman, had broken through all sorts of barriers in a male-dominated sport. I was amazed I hadn’t heard from her. She had reached more than 8,000-meter summit than any other American, so she was the counterpart of Ed Viesturs, who was a household name and half a celebrity by then.

Edge of the Map author’s mother, Johanna Garton, began immersing himself in Chris’s history and life for ten years. She made friends with Chris’ mother because they lived only a few miles apart in our hometown. Her mother knew very quickly that she wanted to write a book about Chris’ life. The research and preparation to write the manuscript was her life and passion until she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and her health began to fail. At this point it became clear that Johanna should quit her job.

This book is aimed primarily at anyone who did not know it. It’s for anyone interested in a story with a strong, energetic woman. But aside from being just the story of an extraordinary woman, it’s intended for readers who want to enjoy a colorful cast of characters and different storylines, those in the Himalayas, major cities in the United States, and the small town of Wisconsin occur. It’s an adventure story that sometimes reads like journalism and fiction. It is full of tension, beautiful scenery, lightness and heartbreak.

It is for everyone who wants to be transported, moved and inspired.

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