Fortnite Season 6: ‘Don a Disguise’ Quest Guide

Fortnite Season 6 players can use this guide to find out where to dress up to complete any of the game’s quests.

Fourteen days Chapter Season 6 is underway and has lots of new elements for the Battle Royale fans to play around with. There are animals to hunt and tame, ancient weapons to collect and improve, and a semi-new map with The Spire in the middle. And as in previous Fortnite seasons, players will need to complete new quests in order to earn extra XP. One of these quests requires players to “put on a disguise”. This guide will help people figure out what to do.

When the quest appears in a player’s Daily Challenges section and is complete, Fortnite players can be rewarded with a whopping 22,000 XP. Since this only takes about a minute, players should definitely try it out.

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Players should stop by an area called Colossal Crops and walk north / northeast from there until they see a restaurant with a tomato on it. The restaurant will also have small pizza slice decorations on the front, and this is where players will find disguise for the Quest. Once inside, players should speak to an NPC named Crustina.

Crustina will have a disguise for 75 gold bars for sale. Once activated, the item turns players into an inanimate object that can be used to trick players and gain the upper hand in combat. There are a number of props players can transform into, but they are all used in the same way. One way to make efficient use of the disguise is to hide behind a door or entrance to a building and then wait for an enemy to pass. As soon as a weapon is used, the disguise disappears and the player can quickly deal with nearby enemies who have not noticed the costume. Another way to get rid of the panel is to get damaged by the storm. This is the dangerous circle that slowly closes around the Fortnite map during games.

Fortunately, all players have to do is put on the disguise for a second to complete the quest and earn the precious XP. Players can choose to keep the disguise, or they can simply remove it once the quest is marked complete in the menu.

Fourteen days is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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