Dana Childs’ Information to Feeding and Therapeutic Your Chakras

Connect with your higher self and balance your mind, body and soul with Childs’ debut book Chakras, Food & You.

Intuitive energy healer Dana Childs seeks to transform lives and perspectives through acts of love, compassion, and listening. She has a thorough understanding of the benefits of nourishing your chakras with proper nutrition. Her powerful, insightful workshops and private lessons are popular with various celebrity clients. She writes and regularly hosts workshops for Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop. A noted teacher, avid world traveler, and an advocate of self-awareness and authenticity, Childs’ wisdom about mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing is undoubtedly worth hearing. Her debut novel Chakras, Food & You shows the best way to detoxify your body by nourishing and harmonizing your chakras.

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Childs firmly believes that “we can nourish ourselves through and on ‘food’ to heal at the deepest level.”

For the first chakra or “the root chakra”, Childs explains that “eating organic meat or meat substitutes with a full amino acid profile helps to fuel the energy held here.”

“The center of creativity and emotion,” Childs describes the second chakra, “is happily fueled with grains and lighter proteins such as poultry and fish.”

For the third chakra or “seat of self-esteem and mental sharpness” three balanced meals per day are required. For the most beneficial results, combine a protein, carbohydrate, and healthy fat.

Childs goes to the “place of love,” the fourth chakra, and recommends eating an abundance of leafy vegetables with a meal related to a Mediterranean diet.

“The throat chakra” or the fifth chakra “is the place of expression of the authentic self.” Childs recommends eating organic foods that omit unnecessary hormones. “Since the color of this energy center is blue, you should recharge the blue foods like blueberries, blackberries, and elderberries,” she continues.

The sixth chakra is the “place of clairvoyance and vision,” says Childs. “This popular chakra loves to consume protein in combination with carbohydrates. Think organically grown unsweetened Greek yogurt that is lightly topped with granola and fruit. “

Finally, “the crown chakra” or the seventh chakra. Childs explains that “this chakra loves balanced meals, but not too close to bedtime.”

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