Canada extends journey restrictions until October 31

With coronavirus cases increasing worldwide, Canada has again extended travel restrictions and closed its international borders until October 31. This will be communicated to the Government of Canada under the new Council Regulation.

Canada had previously closed the borders from March 18 to June 30 and these were being updated from month to month. And, according to recent updates, foreign travelers are prohibited from visiting Canada for tourism, recreation, and other purposes.

Certain foreign workers, immediate family members of Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, international students, and individuals who have been provided PR for Canada are still allowed to enter the country.

Anyone entering Canada is required to undergo a 14-day quarantine and, with a few exceptions to the rule, has been listed in Council regulation. Those who are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine include those coming to work, crossing the border in a cross-border community, crew members, those receiving medical care within 36 hours of their arrival, and those who were invited by the Minister of Health to help COVID health workers.

The new rule is being changed due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases. Although Canada has been able to smooth the coronavirus curve since May, there has been a surge in cases recently and so the new rule is being announced by the government.

However, the government has approved public relations invitations amid Covid-19, stating that they will welcome skilled and global talent to fuel economic growth.

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