Camel Spit & Cork Bushes {Book Assessment}

Article last changed – November 30th, 2020

Camel Spit & Cork Trees by Jack Montgomery

As a Baby Boomer travel, health, and fitness blogger and avid reader, I recently added a new book reviews segment to my blog. My final reading is the featured author’s latest publication, entitled; Camel spit & cork trees.

If you are not entirely familiar with the term baby boomer, first read my introduction here on my Gr8 travel tips homepage. It has an entertaining detailed description of who we are, millions of boomers around the world. 🙂

The title – Camel Spit & Cork Trees caught my attention immediately and just had to take a closer look at its description. I was pleased to have the opportunity to read this publication and give a personal review.

About the author of Camel Spit & Cork Trees

Camel Spit & Cork Trees Author Jack Montgomery

Originally from the Isle of Bute in Scotland, Jack Montgomery is a travel writer / photographer currently based in Portugal. In addition to writing for others, he runs the award-winning travel website Buzztrips, which focuses on hiking and eating off the beaten path.

Part of Jack’s job, who specializes in slow travel, is working as a freelance consultant, designing hiking / cultural vacations and writing bespoke travel guides for little known places in Europe including Greece, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria , France and Slovenia.

This aspect of his work took him from the northern hills of Portugal to the southern beaches and from the west coast to the eastern border with Spain. The colorful experiences along the way inspired him to document his journey in Camel Spit & Cork Trees: A Year of Slow Travel through Portugal – a travelogue about life in another country that paints a vivid picture of areas of Portugal that are still under Most visitors are on the radar.

Camel spit & cork trees

Today both Jack and Ms. Andrea have become respected book and travel guide publishers, with an emphasis on slow travel to “Off The Beaten Track” locations in Europe.

Experience slow travel off the beaten path

Hiking in Portugal

Over the past few years, my wife and I have become increasingly aware of the overcrowding of many popular tourist destinations around the world. We experienced this on our recent trips to Thailand and the Philippines.

We have now started searching and searching for “Step Out Of The Box” and visiting less popular but still desirable destinations to travel to.

Camel spit & cork trees Slow travel

Jack and Andrea focus on Slow Travel Vacations which certainly meet these criteria.

We love eco-friendly adventure travel, including; Biking, hiking, snorkeling & diving adventures and much more. We are now doing our best to escape the typical tourist-crowded locations and massive crowds that come with popular travel destinations.

Camel Spit & Cork Trees – Portugal

Camel spit & cork trees

After living in the Canary Islands for 14 years, Jack and Andrea decided to broaden their horizons and move back to the mainland. They have now made their home base in Portugal.

A country that we briefly visited a few years ago on our cruise through the western Mediterranean and that we really liked!

The little taste of Portugal we briefly visited was beautiful. and we hope to come back in the near future to spend a lot more time exploring many parts of the country.

This is where Camel Spit & Cork Trees bring you. Join Jack and Andrea on their slow journey to many remote towns and villages across the country.

Experience their adventures and mishaps along the way with lots of English humor!


For foodies, I don’t recommend reading this book on an empty stomach!

Jack has a knack for satisfying your appetite and explaining in detail the local dishes they experience in the many restaurants they visit on their slow travels across the country.

The book offers their own personal reviews and recommendations, or not, of the many facilities they visit along the way.

Camel Spit & Cork Trees – Slow Travel

White grass from Portugal

In this book, you will reflect on what kind of traveler you really are and what your preferences are. Are you a tourist or a traveler? Take the test and see for yourself!

For those of you who enjoy more relaxing, slow, eco-friendly adventure travel, visiting exceptional destinations, wanting to try local cuisine, this book is a must-have and also a great inspiration for traveling to Portugal.

I thoroughly enjoyed Camel Spit & Cork Trees and look forward to reading about their new adventures that are yet to come!

Below I’ve included a link to the author’s official website and page for more information on this release and an easy way to order from Amazon.

You can also keep track of the adventures ahead and join them on most of the major social media platforms.

Buzz Trips logo

📖 Buzz Trips – Slow Travel Through Portugal

Safe and healthy travel! 🙂

Signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my copy is provided by Camel Spit & Cork Trees in association with author Jack Montgomery, you can be assured that all content and opinions are those of the author and only reflect my personal views. The photos shown are also made available with the consent of the author.

Did you know already …

“Portugal is known for being one of the best surfing areas in the world. “

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