British brothers traveled the world to analysis their book about pizza

New book celebrates pizza around the globe

If you consider yourself a pizza connoisseur, there is a new book for you edited by two brothers from the UK who have traveled the world for almost 10 years learning all about pizza.

Brothers Thom and James Elliot left their first pizza experience as children in Dorsett County in southern England from their new book on the dish.

“The tiny frozen hockey puck pizzas you got when you were a kid with the tiny ham squares,” said James.

The Elliots spent the past nine years on a pizza pilgrimage, traveling in more than 20 countries to taste as many variations of staple foods as they could find after quitting their jobs in 2012 to study pizza in Naples.

“You have that first bite and you’re like, How did I live 29 years and never eat a pizza like this?” Said Thom.

The Elliots returned to the UK and opened a chain of pizza pilgrim pizzerias that they hope will recreate the brothers’ first experience in Naples for their compatriots.

“Our motto for the company is: hot pizza, cold beer,” said Thom.

But the brothers also traveled on and tried various cakes.

“We had a moment where we thought, wait a minute, I think we might know a lot about pizza by now,” said James.

A publisher told the Elliots that pizza probably couldn’t be the subject of an entire book, but the brothers disagreed and switched from a kind of pizza pedia to a love letter addressed to their favorite food (“pizza”, quadrille).

“Because everyone loves pizza,” said James. “It’s just a really happy subject.”

While the Elliots promise that they will always enjoy a hot slice of pizza (“A terrible pizza,” said Thom, “I don’t think it’s real.”), They admitted that they are in the times of pizza were tired.

“We were in Naples for two-day trips and ate like 42 pizzas during that time,” said Thom.

“Have you seen the documentary ‘Free Solo’ about the guy who makes the climb to El Capitan?” Asked James. “We are basically that, but for pizza.”

The Elliots’ search for 3,000 pizzerias and counts where others don’t want to eat pizza has brought them all over Beirut to Tokyo.

“I would probably record and say that the pizza in Tokyo is better than the pizza in Naples,” said James. “Because they bring that kind of sushi obsession into the product.”

The brothers hope to visit Brazil for a future pizza project (“There are more Italians in Sao Paolo than in Rome,” Thom said), but they quickly close down any suggestion to focus their research on another dish.

“Pizza guys for life,” said James.

“That’s right,” said Thom. “That’s it. A ticket. A trip.”

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