Book of Travels Seems to be Completely Enchanting in New Gameplay Presentation


3rd December 2020

Book of Travels isn’t a game I was familiar with to this day, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since then. The upcoming online role-playing game is being developed by the Swedish indie studio Might and Delight. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks absolutely magical in a new 30 minute gameplay presentation released earlier this week.

It is known as “Tiny Multiplayer RPG” and is a small online game with an emphasis on exploration and discovery. Of course there are also fights, but it plays a minor role just playing your character in one role and interacting with the world in different ways.

To that end, Book of Travels was built around a design that doesn’t have to push players too tightly in one direction. There is an overarching narrative, but the content of the story exists in the background rather than being a central pillar of the experience.

Most of your time is spent wandering around exploring, interacting with NPCs, doing handicrafts, and in general, role-playing whatever you want. You can even go to teahouses for a local brew and soak up the ambiance!

And that’s something you surely want to do, considering how strikingly beautiful the Book of Travels’ art style is. It has a relaxing, pastel-like quality that goes along with the relaxed pace of its gameplay. I also like the unusual third person perspective that makes the game almost look like it’s a side scroller before realizing it’s possible to move in any direction.

As you’ll hear in the video below, creative director Jakob Tuchten’s comments are used through the game’s various mechanics and functions, and Might and Delight’s design ethos is explained as he envisions how the team would like people to feel comfortable with Book of Employ Travels.

It looks really brilliant, which is believed to be confirmed by the 7,000+ Kickstarter backers who have helped Book of Travels absolutely exceed its funding goals since launch.

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