Beginner’s guide for the symptoms of growing up

Rumor has it that you really will grow up by the age of 18, but by the start of adulthood (whatever that means), your 18th birthday doesn’t feel any different than a normal day. You don’t suddenly have back pain or complain about rising gas prices. Instead, you just get a few jokes about buying lottery tickets or cigarettes. Only months later do you show symptoms of “old age”. These symptoms are imperceptible at first, but for your proper analysis I have created a beginner’s guide to the symptoms that may arise while growing up.

They look forward to simple things like a good cup of coffee or lighting a candle.

This one comes first on my list because it’s the symptom I’m most to blame for. Whenever it’s night and I have some homework that I avoid, nothing makes me happier than lighting a candle and settling down with a book and some tea. Even though I am actually scrolling through TikTok, the relaxation that a tea and candle aesthetic offers me is truly unparalleled. It’s also something my nana does every night too.

You often say “When I was your age …” when you see younger children on their tablets.

Allow me to set the scene. It’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other get-together with family friends and all of your little cousins ​​or siblings of your friends will be glued to their tablets at the next trendy game. Before you even think about how you hated hearing this as a kid, the words are already out of your mouth and into the universe. There is no way to take it back now. “When I was her age …” This phrase can be completed in any way – by saying you played basketball or kickball on the street, or just the idea that you didn’t have a tablet to play with at all. Regardless of what you say to save yourself, this definitely puts you in the adult category out of anyone who has heard.

They “save” all TikToks that provide financial or housing tips.

This is a tricky business that I didn’t know I did until recently. But slowly, when the reality of student debt and renting your next apartment really sets in, your For You page on TikTok is magically all about funding or even investing in your next home. And little by little you promote the algorithm by “saving” the TikToks for later … even though you never actually look at them (or maybe just me).

You are looking forward to the next shopping offers.

They really grow up as you look forward to your next sale (bonus points if they are reusable containers or cleaning supplies). To be completely fair, clothing and shoe sales are completely different. But also, if you’re excited for the $ 5 underwear / sock deal on Black Friday, you’re definitely in the same stadium as the old women who play bingo on my street.

You text your parents first. And they let YOU read.

This hurts the most: Realizing that you and your parents have switched roles when it comes to keeping in touch and texting each other. Your SMS threads are now filled with various TikToks that you thought were “funny” or stories about what happened on your morning walk, and your parents’ replies range from “LOL” to nothing.

Although growing up can be scary, you can prepare for it by recognizing these symptoms. Don’t worry, everyone gets old at some point.

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