Authorities clears roadworks and rail engineering works for Christmas journey

Road works in Herts and Essex will be cleared to minimize disruption to the roads over Christmas while rail traffic is ramped up.

The measures are part of a nationwide drive to make travel safer during the holiday season as families take advantage of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions and create bubbles out of three households.

The government is also working with transportation companies to identify priority areas for worker screening in order to maintain and maximize services.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “As many people are carefully considering traveling for Christmas to see loved ones, we are taking steps to make travel easier.

“By clearing 778 miles of road works and postponing modernization work on the railways, traffic jams will be reduced, disruption minimized and additional services performed.

“This action is backed by the elimination of administrative fees for changing train tickets in advance, ensuring a strong presence from the staff helping people on their way. And I have the former Olympics chief of transportation and Network Rail chairman, Sir Peter Hendy, asked to conduct a rigorous implementation assessment with the transport companies to ensure that everything is being done to help.

“We work with transportation companies to help people see their loved ones safely. We ask everyone to carefully consider, plan and book their trip, be patient and considerate of fellow travelers – and especially employees who Have worked so hard all year round – by carefully following the directions, including keeping your seat and wearing a face covering for public transport. “

Ministers have written to all local authorities, including Herts and Essex, to request that they end as much road works as possible and make sure bus services are reliable.

The government has also urged all local authorities to “ensure preparation for winter”. Around 70% confirm that they will change the litter routes to make sure the Covid-19 test centers are covered.

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