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Australia is a very interesting country.

First, it completely occupies the entire continent. Second, it is the continent “the smallest, the most endemic”: the smallest, the most endemic (endemics – animals that only live in one place, for example kangaroos that only live in Australia), the seismically calmest … The list goes on and on will.

Australia is located on the continent of the same name in the southern hemisphere just north of Antarctica. It is also located at the crossroads of two oceans: the Indian and the Pacific. This is the place that influenced its nature. We present you interesting facts about Australia.

7 facts about Australia

  1. In Australia there is a fence that can rival the Great Wall of China. The length of the Dingo fence is 5400 km, while the Great Wall of China is 6259 km. Such a fence was built so that wild dingo dogs would not hunt cattle and rabbits would not spoil the crops.
  2. Australia is one of the first in the world when it comes to mining minerals. So Australia supplies most of the uranium and zirconium, and 95% of all opals in the world market are supplied from Australia. It is also rich in gold. The city of Kalgoorlie is one of the largest gold mining centers in the world.
  3. Australia won the greatest football game in world history. American Samoa lost 31-0 to the Australians.
  4. There are so many beaches in Australia that even thirty years won’t be enough to see them all.
  5. The Europeans ruled Australia and brought rabbits there. Having no enemies, they broke and now there are more rabbits in Australia than there are people in China.
  6. There is such an amazing animal in Australia – the wombat. This is the only animal whose excrement is shaped like a cube.
  7. The Australian coat of arms shows a kangaroo and an ostrich emu. You cannot move your back forward. In this selection of elements of the coat of arms you can follow the course of the country – forward, only forward.

Top 3 Most Interesting Facts About Australia

  1. According to statistics, Australians spend the most money on gambling. Probably this is the reason why they never leave tips in restaurants and save energy, which, by the way, is the most expensive in the world.
  2. The Australian Aborigines spoke three hundred languages.
  3. In Australia, the population density is so low that it is not calculated in terms of people per square kilometer, but in square kilometers per person.

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