Agent makes use of lockdown to write down book on massive household journey – Journey Weekly

While Melbourne’s 111-day embargo on local agents proved devastating, a savvy travel enthusiast took the opportunity to write a book about a big family vacation.

Rebecca Mason, a mother of six who owns Mr Chocolate’s Travel, has decided to take advantage of her 20+ years of experience booking vacations for her family of eight and other large Australian families during the travel break.

The result is Holiday Dreaming: The Expert’s Guide to Traveling with Large Families, a must-read book if large families want practical advice on how, when, and where to travel, plus a few laughs, while Mason all those Travel shares experiences and experiences with six children.

The tips and tricks in this book include detailed packing lists, the best affordable travel meals, choosing a suitable vacation spot, when and how to close a deal, how to navigate airports and survive road trips, and what museums, parks, and zoos there are to queue value.

“Just as Lonely Planet became a backpackers travel bible, Holiday Dreaming is the must-have book for Australian families looking to make their dream vacation a reality,” said Mason, one of Disney’s top sellers in Australia.

“After taking my six children on dozens of trips over the past 20 years, I’ve learned a lot about Dos and Don and wanted to share all of my hacks and systems with other great Australian families so they can experience the magic of a family vacation and the make the same “eternal memories” that we have.

“Vacation shouldn’t be a rare luxury – it’s part of the stuff that holds families together and keeps them connected.

“As a mom of six, I know it’s not easy to do something with a large family, but that doesn’t mean we should miss it – especially on family vacations.

“Vacation has always been my favorite time with the kids, and that’s why I’ve worked so hard and done so much research to find every possible shortcut and save every possible penny to make sure we can go anywhere, including the ultimate family vacation – Disneyland, five times and it’s counted. “

To order a copy of Holiday Dreaming, go HERE.

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