Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio shares his journey expertise and describes areas with highly effective writing potential

Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio, one of the well-known travel bloggers from the Philippines who has traveled to more than 43 countries to date, says the words travel and culture have become synonymous with respect.

“Respect culture. I am a sensitive traveler of what I believe about culture and people. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my trip, it’s respect. My upbringing and traveling will always remind me of respect, ”he says.

Abdul Hafiz on travel blogging says, “Travel blogging is a promising niche job. I usually travel two to three times a year in a slow process. I can stay in a country for 2 to 3 months and come back twice a year and so on. People think that being a travel blogger is something for everyone. Anyone can create an Instagram account and post random photos from your trip. However, a travel blogger spends hundreds of hours on our website, meeting deadlines and planning content. “

Abdul Hafiz Ali Sutacio was born in Zamboanga City in the Philippines and happened to become a travel blogger as an ex-pat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Growing up in a military family has greatly influenced Abdul Hafiz’s writing, which is based on travel and unique stories dealing with problems.

At the age of 23, Abdul Hafiz left the Philippines and began traveling alone twice a year. He took his first trip to Mexico as an escape into corporate life and began learning digital nomadism from travelers. To date, Abdul has traveled to 140 cities on 3 continents alone. In 2019 he went on a challenging trip to Kashmir, where he shared his unique experience with a host family in the valley.

In 2015, Abdul created his first travel website, Travel with Hafiz dot com, which was discontinued later in 2019 during an incident in Pulwama, Kashmir. Soon he started a new blog called TheForeignSickTraveler dot com, where he started sharing his travel experience with his powerful writing and ability to describe the place through his words.

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