7 Worldwide Vogue Blogs That You Should Comply with

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It seems like almost every fashionista wants to open a personal style site, but few fashion bloggers manage to stand out from the crowd with their impressive and stylish looks. If you are a fashion lover, you can follow these international influencers. They are perfect if you want to know all about the latest trends and styles.

Style bubble

Susie Lau started her fashion blog “Style Bubble” in 2006. Lau was one of the first fashion influencers to make it big on the scene, and she was always spotted at FROW at Fashion Week. A favorite of many thanks to her unique and colorful style, you can also follow her to find out more about emerging design talents, exclusive interviews and the latest fashion news.

Grace Victory

The win is commonly referred to as the internet’s big sister. The vlogger empowers women with her strong looks and is a total inspiration with her great sense of humor and wit. It is not surprising that Grace’s debut book “No Filter” became a bestseller.

Love of life

What started as a hobby after school grew into a strong brand: Olivia Lopez of Lust For Life has been an authentic influencer in LA since starting her blog in 2006. Her sunny SoCal style was featured in Teen Vogue and Elle. Lopez is also a seasoned travel blogger. She has visited 35 different countries and spends two weeks each month traveling to faraway places.

Black beauty bag

Renowned worldwide for her writing about makeup and hair tips for the French black woman, Fatou’s Black Beauty Bag brings you all about the latest trending beauty products. Fatou is also a well-known beauty vlogger. You can find amazing hair, makeup, and nails tutorials on her YT channel. Her fashion sense is edgy and colorful, and she loves a retro silhouette. You won’t be short of inspiration looking at their feed.

Style Me Grace

Grasie Mercedes’ flawless style just exudes an effortlessly cool vibe that everyone wants to have. Born with Dominican roots, the New Yorker blogs about fashion and provides information about her career as an actress. She is also a seasoned blogger who offers wonderful hair and makeup tutorials through her videos.


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