5 Journey Books to Learn This Winter – Click on Liverpool

The nights are no doubt getting darker, the trees look bare and we turn to our homes for some form of hibernation. It may seem a little bleak outdoors, but with Christmas around the corner, our homes feel warm and inviting. By creating a cozy home for the winter with blankets and a constant supply of hot drinks, we can practice hygge, the Danish concept that includes satisfaction. As there is a lack of travel this year, here are 5 travel books that will give you wanderlust and inspiration for your future trips.

On road by Jack Kerouac

On the Road is a classic novel that was first published in 1957. Although the book is already in its 63rd year, it is still popular reading. Time Magazine listed On the Road in its 100 best novels from 1923 to 2010. The fictional book describes the road trip that Kerouac took with friends across America and is considered a defining work of the Beat generation. Great read for anyone interested in a real travel classic.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

For those of you interested in hiking or a walking vacation this is a must see. Wild explores the life of Cheryl Strayed, who, after several low points in her life, takes on the incredibly difficult task of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. An incredibly true story about a woman’s determination not only to go the way, but to find herself on the way.

Eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat Pray Love was published in 2006 and is a memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book recounts Gilbert’s journey through Italy, India and Bali, which she undertook over the course of a year after her divorce. By traveling alone Gilbert discovers the world and himself and wonderfully describes the countries, experiences and people she meets on the way. A must for anyone thinking of traveling alone.

Full Tilt: Ireland to India by Bike by Dervla Murphy

Another travel writing classic, Full Tilt: Ireland Biking to India, is the true story of Dervla Murphy, who cycled Europe, Iran, Afghanistan and India in 1963. In the book, Murphy documents the ups and downs of this incredible journey as she carried a pistol for safety reasons and suffered broken ribs in an accident in Afghanistan, an injury that only delayed her journey for a short time. One of 26 books Murphy wrote over her lifetime, this book is a must-have for anyone serious about travel.

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

Vagabonding, an unusual guide to the art of long-term world travel by Rolf Potts, may not be a world-famous international bestseller, but it is well worth a read for any aspiring traveler. In this book, Potts explores what it takes to travel for long periods of time, deal with the issues of funding your trip, adapt to life on the road, determine your goals, and get back to normal life integrate. Packed with useful resources, you will feel like planning your next trip!

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