5 issues you need to learn about journey for Thanksgiving and past

Can I still book a cheap flight for Thanksgiving? Given the COVID-19 pandemic, should I book a cheap flight for Thanksgiving? Does a gallon of normal still cost $ 2.35?

The COVID-19 plague is more widespread this fall and likely well into 2021. Here are five expert insights into what to expect in the short and short term.

1. We gather – don’t

Stay home this Thanksgiving Day, advises Ngozi Ezike, director of the Illinois Department of Health, since airport security lines and hours in an enclosed space are breeding grounds for infection. If you’re traveling, book a direct flight because “stopovers are cheaper but more risky,” she said.

Driving in your own bubble / car to visit family and friends is safer than a bus or train, but avoid unnecessary interactions by packing drinks and snacks, experts say. Bring masks for gas station stops or bathroom breaks, and wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol.

2. Take the less traveled route

Expedia’s Christie Hudson scrolled Thanksgiving flight prices last week and found some deals to Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale, though “prices go up as the holidays get closer”.

“If it were me, I would book as soon as possible because the prices look reasonable and I don’t want to risk paying more,” said Hudson. And try to “avoid the Wednesday through Sunday itinerary. If you fly Monday through Monday instead, you’ll want to save between 25% and 50% depending on your destination.”

3. Gas prices should remain low

“Those who choose Thanksgiving will find cheaper gasoline prices,” predicts AAA spokeswoman Molly Hart. “The cost of a regular gallon of gasoline in Illinois is now $ 2.26 compared to a year ago when it was $ 2.68.”

Indiana prices are even lower at $ 2.06 per gallon, and Wisconsin prices are $ 1.91 per gallon.

4. Don’t kidding about mask rules

Major airlines take the enforcement of mask rules in cabins seriously. For example, Delta announced last month that 460 people had been added to its no-fly list for refusing to meet mask requirements.

And why tempt fate when many airlines book full-capacity flights? “Social distancing is not practical on an airplane, even with the center seats blocked,” said Gianna Urgo, American Airlines spokeswoman. “Instead, American focused our efforts on making the trip as safe as possible.”

5. “Bargain Central” in 2021

Will airfares fill up, rise or stabilize in the next year?

“Expect 2021 to be a key bargain for passengers, especially on routes connecting major airports,” said aviation expert and Professor Joseph Schwieterman of DePaul University. “Airlines will prefer to keep planes flying even when they are half empty. That means more aggressive price cuts.”

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Her voice

Island Lake Metra driver Travis Weidman disagrees with comments in a recent column that Union Pacific is negligent in checking tickets at the Ogilvie Transportation Center. UP staff “actually beat tickets wherever you buy them and they also let you touch your phone screen to prove they’re real,” said Weidman, a regular UP Northwest customer. “It’s not as casual as you describe it, and I think it’s important for your readers to understand. Plus those crowds of people waiting in line to have their tickets checked – a problem for which I considered a risk the health of the customers – are almost nonexistent. “

Gridlock alarm

Think twice before heading north on Farnsworth Avenue in Aurora onto the eastbound Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88). The Farnsworth Ramp will now be closed until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday 15th November to allow work on the toll booth. Detours are booked.

Contactless transit

There’s one more thing your iPhone and Apple Watch can do – get you on board with Pace and CTA. Drivers who add the latest Ventra app to their devices can use it to access transit by tapping on their screens. Please visit ventrachicago.com/applepay for more information.

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