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3 Reasons Why the Electric Scooter is Better Than a Car

Nov 13

People who travel short distances on public transportation or just walk can use scooters to have fun and easy way of transportation. The non-electric scooter has 2 wheels and is easy to ride even for kids, the most demanding and physically active people (people with disabilities) with electric scooters also can be independent and safe, which makes them more popular than cars and reduce environmental pollution as well as traffic jams around urban areas.

Electric Scooter is Better

The once-humble electric scooter has become the latest trend in transportation, and it’s not hard to see why: they’re fun, affordable, and great for the environment! This is why some people have replaced their old cars with electric scooters, and if you’re thinking about doing the same, here are three reasons why an electric scooter is better than a car.

1) It’s easier to park

Parking an electric scooter is much easier than parking a car. With cars, you have to look for an empty parking spot, park, and hope that someone doesn’t take it. With electric scooters, all you have to do is find a curb, then get off your scooter and walk away. It’s cheaper: You don't have to pay any money to park an electric scooter because they are very lightweight. An electric scooter weighs about 40 pounds which means you can easily carry it around with one hand or on your shoulder if necessary. Cars weigh over 3,000 pounds so most people need help from other people to move them. 

A lot of people nowadays are switching over from gas-powered vehicles because they want something more environmentally friendly and affordable. The average cost of driving a gas-powered vehicle is around $1 per mile whereas the average cost of driving an electric vehicle is about 10 cents per mile. There are also federal tax incentives for purchasing an electric vehicle. There's no such thing as free electricity, but there's often a lower rate when buying renewable energy like solar power.

When you're looking at costs alone, the price difference between gas-powered vehicles and electric ones makes up for the upfront cost within just four years. But there are even more benefits of owning an electric scooter that come into play after four years (although the shorter life span may not be worth it).

2) Less traffic stress

Traffic stress can take its toll on your mental health, which is why electric scooters are better than cars. When you're driving an electric scooter, you won't have to worry about traffic jams or getting into an accident. Plus, you'll save money on gas and insurance. Electric scooters emit zero emissions so it's good for the environment. 

And lastly, if you get tired of walking and biking, then try out electric scooters for easy transportation around town! If you don't have time to ride a bike or walk from point A to point B, don't feel like dealing with public transport, or just want something that gets you from point A to point B without breaking a sweat the electric scooter is for you! It doesn't matter how short or long your journey is because you can find one in many different sizes and styles. In other words, there's an electric scooter for everyone (and every budget)!

3) Cheaper costs

People can get an electric scooter for much cheaper than they could buy a car. Since they are cheaper to purchase, it will be easier to pay off the loan if you need to, which means that you won't have as much of an interest rate on your payments. They also don't require gas and maintenance costs, so you'll save money in those areas as well. Plus, they're lighter, meaning it's easier to load them into a car or onto public transportation when needed. You can go anywhere: The best part about the electric scooter is that you have more mobility with them than with cars. You can take them down side streets or use them in pedestrian-only zones where cars wouldn't be allowed! Plus, since there are no emissions from the vehicles (since there's no gasoline), this form of transportation is better for air quality too. There's also less noise pollution because they operate at lower speeds. Not only that but the quiet operation makes it easier to talk with friends while riding together. These factors make it easy to understand why electric scooters are better than cars.