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Sep 2

If not, you should visit South Africa. There are many Places To Visit In South Africa. South Africa has a rich history, diversity, and natural beauty. South Africa features towns, scenery, animals, and wonderful food. If this is your first vacation to South Africa, you have concerns. Is South Africa safe? Getting around: South Africa packing list These are some questions a first-time South Africa visitor may have. Here's some of South Africa's best travel advice to help you plan your trip. 


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Do Your Homework!

Online research makes vacations less stressful and more pleasurable. Date and place also matter. Before your first vacation to South Africa, make a precise plan. Plan where you'll go, what you'll see, and how you'll get there.

UK adapter required

You'll need an adaptor. You're exempt if you're from the UK, AU, or S.K. South Africa uses 230V at 50Hz. Plugs include C, D, M, and N. Your hotel should have extra outlets besides type M plugs. If you're carrying a hairdryer or straightener, buy a converter.


Instead of long-distance travel, book local flights. Kalula and Mango are affordable South African airlines.

Booking flights and vehicle rentals together can save time and money. After renting a car, you can explore South Africa at your own speed.

South Africa's Greyhound and InterCape offer economical long-distance buses. My experience suggests against using them. Breakdowns are rare over long distances.


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Foreign exchange?

Know where to convert money when travelling to South Africa. When arriving, exchange currencies at the airport. Most hotels and banks convert currencies. Remember to bring your passport and wait in long bank lines. Cape Town and the area around Kruger National Park have many exchange offices. (Download Google Maps for correct directions.) Non-resident South Africans with a South African passport must show proof of residency to exchange cash at the airport.

Local Phrases

Beware of linguistic obstacles in South Africa. Despite having 11 official languages, English is the most widely spoken. Therefore, locals are unnecessary. It's rare to find a South African who just speaks one language.






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