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Conex Box vs Storage Container vs Shipping Container

Aug 3

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What is the difference between a conex box, a storage container, and a cargo or shipping container?

A shipping container has a lot of usage. It is widely used to build mini restaurants and other quick build facilities. It is not just the usual cargo storage where we put products to ship or transfer, but it can be used as your low cost dream home. It is less expensive because you can have used shipping containers to remodel to become your beautiful abode.

If you are searching for extra secured storage to put on all your important belongings after decluttering, or a place to hide during an emergency or storm shelter, a shipping container is a perfect one for that because it is from Corten Steel which is known as “weathered steel.” But you might stumble to different names like conex box, storage container, and cargo or shipping container, and this will make you confused about what to choose.



What is Shipping Container?

Shipping container is a standard-size box made from Corten Steel, high-quality steel that is known as “weathered steel” for it can resist the corrosive effects of fog, snow, rain, ice, and other meteorological conditions. Plus, anything you place inside won’t be easily stolen or damaged. From the word itself “shipping”, it is used in transporting goods anywhere in the world by sea, road, and rail.

What is Cargo Container?

Cargo container is the other name for shipping container. It is used in transporting cargo from one place to another.

What is Conex Box?

Conex Box is also another name for shipping containers. The term “conex” is the combination of the words “container” and “express”. It has two common standard lengths of 20 and 40 feet that could be stacked effectively to have more containers in one place.

What is Storage Container?

Storage container is another name for a shipping container, but it is built from lightweight aluminum which is not secured in transferring goods from one place to another. This type of container is only good for storing goods or other things, but not shipping it.

What is the right type of container for me?

To answer this question, it is important to know what you need like the size of the container. And answer a few questions: Where would you use it? It is used for heavy-duty things like transferring goods or just for storage or building something? It is gonna be a new or a used shipping container?