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Exploring Madeira

Apr 7

During your visit to Madeira, you'll want to check out Levada do Cadeirao Verde, the famous waterfall. Natural parks like the Santa Maria National Park and the beautiful beaches of the island also should be on your list. Read on to learn more. There's so much to do on the island! There are plenty of things to do on this island, from shopping to natural parks. The island is also home to some of the best beaches in Europe.

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Levada do Cadeirao Verde

If you're looking for a unique and scenic walk in Madeira, consider walking the Levada do Cadeirao Verde. This trail is almost 15 km long and is characterized by its flat terrain. It is a popular tourist attraction on the island of Madeira. A beautiful waterfall at the end of the path is the main attraction. The hike is accessible by public transportation, though you may want to rent a car or book a private tour.

The hike begins in the village of Queimadas. There are several picnic and rest areas, a café, and even ducks! It is also possible to spot several species of birds, including chaffinch, firecrest, and Madeira long-toed pigeon. The trail also passes a lagoon. There are some beautiful viewpoints throughout the hike, but you must plan to spend time in the park to see them all.

Natural parks

If you're a nature lover, exploring the natural parks on Madeira is a must. Located on the island's north, the Queimadas Natural Park features dense forests, volcanic rock formations, and a great hike. It is possible to take a 4-hour hike to the top of the park, with stunning views over the town of Sao Jorge. However, keep in mind that there are some spots that may be swarmed by mist or cloud cover, so be prepared to keep that in mind.

The Natural Park of Madeira covers most of the island and is made up of three distinct zones. The highest protection status corresponds to total reserves and the lowest to partial reserves. The highest-protection status includes the Laurel Forest of Madeira, the Desertas Islands, and the Selvagen Islands. The highest percentage of natural parkland can be found in the southern county of Funchal, while the northernmost area has the least amount.


If you enjoy great food, then you must explore Madeira. You can enjoy grilled steak of espada fish, served with boiled potatoes, and poncha, a local liquor made of sugar cane and honey. During Christmas time, restaurants sold over fifteen thousand sandwiches of this local delicacy. Another popular dish is the bolo do caco, a flat, round bread made from mashed sweet potato and flour. Try it with a glass of the island's famous wine, and be prepared for the addictive taste.

Most local places have a Lunch Menu, which usually contains a starter, a main course and coffee. The price for each course ranged from 10 to 12 EUR. One of the local specialties is the sopa de tomate e cebola, a tomato and onion soup. It is perfect for the island's mild climate and will keep you well-hydrated. For vegetarians, there is also a wide variety of plant-based and meat dishes available.


The island of Madeira is a Portuguese autonomous region made up of four islands, off the northwestern coast of Africa. The island is home to its namesake wine, and the subtropical climate is perfect for enjoying the island's beaches. The main island is green, rugged, and volcanic. The capital of Funchal is known for its harbor and large New Year fireworks display. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Madeira is also home to some of Portugal's finest restaurants.

One of the most spectacular beaches on Madeira is the natural beach of Prainha, which is located near the town of Machico. This pebbled beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, and the water is rocky and turbulent most of the time. There are some parts of the beach where you can swim, but overall the water is rough. You can try snorkeling and diving in this area. There are also a few small restaurants on the island, which make visiting Madeira's beaches an enjoyable experience.


If you're looking for something a little more upscale, consider one of the numerous luxury hotels in Madeira. You'll find everything from sleek contemporary oceanfront hotels to Art Nouveau villas and James Bond-style cliff-top series. Choose the right hotel for you based on your budget, style preferences, and preferred activities. A hotel's location and amenities will also be important considerations for your stay.

This hotel is a great choice for families or groups traveling with kids. The hotel offers babysitting services and a children's buffet. The hotel also offers a Turkish steam room and hair salons and has three jacuzzis. Guests who enjoy swimming in natural water can book a tour with the hotel's tour desk. Those who enjoy snorkeling can get in free with the use of the hotel's snorkeling equipment.


After a long flight, your first stop in Madeira is the charming city of Funchal. There are plenty of things to do and see here, including a colorful farmer's market and a historic cathedral. A stroll along the lively Av. Arriaga, the central street of Funchal, will make you want to spend more time exploring this city. Also, you might be curious about the incredibly colorful doors on Rua de Santa Maria. Funchal's vibrant and historic Old Town is a must-see, as is its beautiful waterfront. If you'd like to experience a truly unique way to see the city, consider taking a Tukxi tour.

If you'd like to see some old traditions, take a wicker basket ride. This was a common way for locals to reach Funchal, and today, you can do the same. Locals used to use these baskets to get from Monte to Funchal. You can board a small truck and ride down the hill. Make sure to get there early, because the toboggans are packed in the morning and can be a bit chilly!


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