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Thailand Pass FAQs

Mar 10

The Thailand Pass has only recently been introduced.  It replaces the previous COE system.  Since the Thailand Pass only went live in November 2021, many travelers to Thailand have questions regarding the system.

The Thailand Pass system allows travelers to confidently apply for entry into Thailand. It is a digital system, designed to make the application, documentation, and uploading of documents fairly easy for the traveler.

Answered in the article below are some of the most frequently asked questions, travelers have regarding the Thailand Pass.  I trust with this article you will find the help you require.


1. Who Is Eligible For The Thailand Pass?

Any person, whether Thai or foreign, traveling to Thailand is required to apply for the Thailand Pass. 


2. Can I Use My Approved COE To Enter Thailand?

Yes, with your approved COE, you are allowed entry into Thailand through any of the three schemes.  Your COE will indicate which scheme you are eligible for.


3. How Long Does It Take For The Thailand Pass To Be Approved?

Travelers should make an application for the Thailand Pass approximately 7 days prior to their flight departing for Thailand.  However, it is suggested travelers make the application well before the 7 days, on the off chance the first application is rejected. You have time to apply again.


4. If I Am Travelling With A Family Or In A Group, Can I Make One Application For The Whole Family Or Group?

No, you may not make one application as a family or group, unless traveling with children under the conditions mentioned below.

  • Under the Exemption from Quarantine process, every individual aged 12 and above, is required to submit an application for the Thailand Pass. Children under the age of 12 may be added to their parent’s application under the section marked Personal Information.
  • Under the Sandbox Program, all individuals 18 years and over, are required to submit an application for the Thailand Pass. Children under the age of 18 may be added to their parent’s application under the section marked Personal Information.


5. Can Unvaccinated Children Enter Thailand On The Same Scheme As Their Parents?

  • Under the Exemption for Quarantine scheme, all children 12 years and older must have a vaccination certificate. The certificate will confirm that they have been fully vaccinated a minimum of 14 days before departure in order for them to be allowed entry into Thailand. 
  • Under the Sandbox Programme, every individual 18 years and older must have a vaccination certificate. The vaccination certificate confirms whether the individual has been fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to departure to Thailand.


6. What Are AQ And SHA+ Hotels?

  • AQ hotels are those hotels that have been marked as eligible quarantine sites. Under the AQ scheme, these are designated sites allocated for travelers while they wait for the results from the RQ-PCR test, under the Exemption from Quarantine Programme.
  • SHA+ hotels, these hotels meet the requirements of the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Regulations. Therefore, they are acceptable hotels for use under the Sandbox Programme, while the traveler waits for the results of the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test. 


7. Can I Travel Freely In Thailand If I’ve Entered Through The Exemption From Quarantine System/Sandbox Programme/Alternative Quarantine?

  • Exemption from Quarantine, provided you received all vaccinations, and the RT-PCR test taken on arrival in Thailand is negative, you may travel to any destination within Thailand.
  • Sandbox Programme, travel within any of the countries on the Sandbox program, for seven days, provided the RT-PCR test is negative. (NB, travel is restricted to the province the hotel is at until you receive the results.  Traveling to different places outside the Sandbox area is restricted)


Once the 7-day compulsory stay is complete, travel to other destinations within Thailand is permitted.

  • Alternative Quarantine, this program is essential for those unvaccinated travelers. They will undergo a quarantine period of ten days and an RT-PCR test is required.  After the quarantine and provided the results are negative, they may continue on their journey to any part of Thailand.


8. Do I Need A Thailand Pass If Travelling By Land Or Sea?

No.  Currently, the Thailand Pass is restricted only for those travelers traveling by air to Thailand. 

However, those travelers traveling by sea or land, need to apply to the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulate-General for the COE.


9. When Will The Thailand Pass Be Extended To Travelers By Air And Sea?

Currently, the related agencies are taking into consideration to extend the Thailand pass to include those traveling by air and sea.


10. My Country Is Not One Of The Countries On The List For Exemption From Quarantine.  Will My Country Be Included?

The list of countries on the approved list, are constantly being reviewed.  If you want to travel to Thailand, it is suggested you go through the Sandbox Programme, or the Alternative Quarantine Scheme.  Both are dependent on your vaccination status.


11. If My International Flight Into Thailand, Includes A Transit From An Unlisted Country.  Will I Qualify For The Exemption From Quarantine Scheme?

Yes you will qualify. However, that is with the provisions that you are in transit for a period of 12 hours and that you do not pass Immigration control. 


12. Can I Change My Flight After Receiving The Thailand Pass QR Code?

Yes, you may your flight after receiving your QR code, provided that the flight change is within 72 hours of the original flight.  Your QR code remains valid, only if all necessary documentation, in accordance with the Thailand Pass remains valid within the 72-hour period.


13. Can I Submit Multiple Documents For The Hotel And Insurance?

The current system only permits a one-page document.  The Thai Embassy suggests you submit a one-page document for the hotel and another single page for the insurance.

AXA Thailand offers travelers a one-page travel insurance certificate. The one-page certificate includes all relevant information Thai authorities require to process and issue the Thailand Pass.


14. How To Make The Thailand Pass Application As Easy As Possible?

  • The Thailand Pass is for all travelers, both foreign and native Thai. It allows travelers a hassle-free, uncomplicated travel to Thailand.  All necessary information, including documents is under a single banner, which facilitates travel. 
  • Travelers should also be aware of making all applications long before the departure date. On the off chance, your application is rejected you have sufficient time to reapply. 


The Siam Legal Company is always open and ready to assist travelers with any further questions or if any assistance is needed with the application for the Thailand Pass.


When you are traveling especially during these uncertain times, it is best you have all relevant information before embarking on your travel. 

The Thai Government only recently permitted travel to foreigners, with the Thailand Pass.  I hope the article has been able to answer some of your questions regarding the application process and what is required.