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SFO Parking - Does it have to be difficult?

Nov 15

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the 8th ranked busiest airport in the world.  Servicing leisure travelers and tech business travelers, this airport experiences more parked cars in one day than does all of Alaska - but that doesn't mean parking has to be hard.

Topdreamer has published a fantistic article about parking at SFO and provide you 5 straight forward options to help you travel stress-free.

Here's a quick summary

SFO Valet aka ParkVALET

SFO's ParkValet has a 24-hour valet service. The SFO valet parking is $45 per day. The service is available 24 hours a day.

SFO's Automated Parking - ParkFAST

ParkFAST offers an automated parking service at San Francisco International Airport. The service is free for SFO members, but you will have to pay by credit card to use it.

SFO Long Term Parking

SFO Airport offers a few of its own SFO long term parking lots and garages. There are shuttles running every 5-15 minutes to get you to and from the airport.

SFO Hotel Airport Parking

Hotels near the SFO Airport are not affiliated with SFO directly. You can park at these hotels and take a free shuttle

Off-site SFO parking lots & garages

SFO Parking at Off-Site Airport Lots & Garages

There are many SFO parking options around the airport for you to choose from. Parking garages are not on the actual airport property but are within proximity to SFO. You can reserve parking spots in advance to know exactly where to go.