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Here’s why US music fans should move to Manchester

Nov 15

Forget London and Liverpool – if you’re a US-based music fan of a certain vintage, there’s no argument that Britain’s music capital is Manchester.

From seminal bands like The Smiths and The Stone Roses to influential dance/indie crossover acts like New Order and Happy Mondays, not to mention megastars like Oasis, something in the air in this northern city inspires awesome beats, basslines and lyrics.

And although its late 80s/early 90s ‘Madchester’ heyday might be over, there are still plenty of reasons that this is an idea city for creatives looking to relocate.

Shall we take a textual trip to Manchester? Let’s step on it…


From the legendary Sifters record shop referenced in the Oasis hit Shakermaker to the Salford Lad’s Club doorway featured on The Smiths seminal album The Queen Is Dead, there are so many Manchester music landmarks to see that you’ll struggle to take them all in during your first reconnaissance visit.

So the best way to ensure you see all the essential sights is by taking a Manchester Music Tour – you can choose between bus or walking tours and routes can be designed around specific bands or offer varied stop-offs for general fans of the scene.


Believe it or not, there’s even more to Manchester than music – the presence of Manchester City and Manchester United mean a permanent football fiesta and strolling round the Northern Quarter reveals an awesome array of independent craft shops, chic cafes and boho furniture stores.

And if you want brilliant accommodation, staying at the Abel Heywood hotel puts you right in the heart of the action – as well as comfortable rooms, there’s a homely pub downstairs serving fine food and drink.

Getting around

If you’re going to be living, working and socialising in Manchester, you’ll need to know how to get around safely in the city and ensure you can get back to the States with minimum hassle.

And luckily, the city’s transport infrastructure is sophisticated and reliable – buses, trams and trains keep Mancunians moving and Transport for Greater Manchester even provide a free bus within the city center. Plus, if you want the flexibility of hopping on a variety of modes each day, you can save cash with the convenient System One Travel Card.

Meanwhile, Manchester’s international airport makes flying in and out of the city from a range of global locations child’s play and it has all the top-flight amenities you’d expect.

Getting there

You can fly to Manchester with a choice of carriers, including KLM, Air France and Icelandair – check a comparison site like for low-cost fares.

And whether you’re flying from Seattle, San Diego or anywhere else, finding airport parking at is easy – park and fly or valet options are available at many departure hubs.

There you have it – a whistle-stop tour of magnificent Manchester. We hope you’re inspired to see it for yourself!

So ends our list, but please share your own Manchester relocation hacks in the comments section

By Basit Ali